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About SIAS

SIAS Assessment Service offers an independent assessment service for science industry apprenticeships.

The Science Industry Assessment Service (SIAS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cogent Skills. SIAS was established at the request of The Science Industry Partnership (SIP). The SIP is a partnership organisation of leading science employers including SMEs. SIP employers lead the Trailblazer group that designs new science industry apprenticeship standards and their assessment plans.

An apprentice must attain full competency and capability in an occupation, demonstrated by achievement of an apprenticeship standard.  SIP employers develop the assessment specifications that describe the tests that must be passed to meet an apprenticeship standard. SIAS designs and delivers these end point assessment tests, which will lead to the national apprenticeship award.

SIAS assessment service is subject to independent External Quality Assurance by the Institute of Apprenticeships.

As an independent assessment organisation, SIAS has robust internal quality assurance and verification processes to ensure the quality, consistency and validity of assessments. We believe that it is vital that all learners are assessed in a fair and objective manner. As an impartial organisation, with no interest in the outcome of assessments, we are able to ensure comparability across employers and providers, and consistency of decisions taken. Independence and impartiality are critical to ensure quality assessment and to ensure a standard is maintained over time. 

The SIAS award that is conferred following successful assessment is recognised and valued by employers as a currency that demonstrates the individual has met the industry standard.

To ensure that employers play a genuine leadership role in standards, assessment and quality assurance, the SIP employers through the Trailblazer group provide independent scrutiny and challenge of SIAS.

Through working closely with employers and government since the introduction of apprenticeship  reform in October 2013,  SIAS  has built up a depth of expertise that means it is able to provide advice on the implications of apprenticeship reform to employers and providers.

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