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Apprenticeship Standards

Apprenticeship reform in England gives ownership of the specification of apprenticeship standards and their assessment to employers.

Employers from the Science Industry Partnership (SIP) are a Trailblazer of apprenticeship reform. They have developed new standards and specified that the end point assessment, which confirms the apprentice's competence should be assessed by an independent assessment body that they quality assure. The Life Sciences & Industrial Science Trailblazer group has delivered and received ministerial approval for eight apprenticeship standards and their associated assessment plans:

Laboratory Technician - ST0248

Science Manufacturing Technician - ST0250

Laboratory Scientist Level 5 - ST0247

Science Industry Maintenance Technician - ST0249

Technician Scientist - ST0597

Science Manufacturing Process Operative - ST0422

Science Industry Plant/Process Engineer - ST0473         

Laboratory Scientist Level 6 - ST0626

Apprenticeship standards describe for a named occupation what someone in the job role must know and be able to do.  The detailed skills, knowledge and behaviours have been identified by the employers from large and small companies across the science industry.

You can download the standards here.

The members of the Life Sciences and Industrial Science Trailblazer include:

Actavis, Aesica Pharmaceuticals, Broughton Laboratories, Essar, Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies, GSK, Growhow, Ineos, Lotte Chemical UK, Lucite, Medimmume, Pfizer, SABIC UK Petrochemicals, Sellafield, Sembcorp, Seralab, Syngenta, Synergy Outsourcing, University of Westminster, Victrex, SSI Steel, Conoco Phillips,  Barts Health Pharmaceuticals (NHS), Royal Society of Chemistry, Institute of Chemical Engineers, Society of Biology, Science Council.

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