Pricing – SIAS


EPA Classes

Apprenticeship Standard EPA Class
ST0247 – Laboratory Scientist L5 A
ST0248 – Laboratory Technician L3 A
ST0249 – Science Industry Maintenance Technician L3 A
ST0250 – Science Manufacturing Technician L3 A
ST0473 – Science Industry Process/Plant Engineer (Degree) L6 B
ST0597 – Technician Scientist L5 B
ST0626 – Laboratory Scientist (Degree) L6 B
ST0422 – Science Manufacturing Process Operative L2 C

Current SIAS EPA charges for each EPA class and payment schedule

EPA Class A B C
Charge Per Apprentice Charge Per Apprentice Charge Per Apprentice
At start of apprenticeship £600 £600 £400
At start of final year £1000 £1000
At end £1400 £1200 £800

SIAS Resit Fees for 2019/20 ex VAT

Test Element Re-Sit Fee
Synoptic Assessment Test (SAT) £500
Vocational Competence Discussion (VCD) £500
Scenario Case Study £300
Report Presentation & Discussion £500

Cancellation Refund Rate

Notice Period from Confirmed Date of EPA Final Payment Refund Rate
Over 8 Weeks 100%
Between 4 & 8 Weeks 75%
Between 2 & 4 Weeks 50%
Less Than Two Weeks 0%

Other Charges

Replacement Competence Evaluation Log (CEL) £30
Replacement Competence Evaluation Tracker £20


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