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Getting ahead on Apprentice End-Point Assessment: Start with the end in mind

Having a clear understanding of your destination from the outset means you can take the right steps to ensure you get there. It’s common sense of course – but in the new world of Apprenticeships this truism has never been more in tune with the times.

Employers now need to ask the question “What is the job role I am looking to fill, and how do I work back from there to ensure I get what I need from taking on an apprentice?”

This means planning the training and educational journey from the outset, using the right Apprenticeship Standards for your skills needs and planning for the new end-assessment process right at the beginning.

What does this journey look like and how can it deliver a positive outcome for your organisation and your apprentices? Particularly given that in the new world of Standards, end-assessment resits are time-consuming and of course disappointing for all concerned.

Here at SIAS, we are here to help from the outset, to ensure that your apprentices are supported to successfully achieve their apprenticeship Standard and that they are fully prepared for end-point assessment and ultimately satisfy the requirements of the SIAS independent assessors.

By ensuring your provider registers your apprentices with us as early as possible, you can get all this support to ensure you are on course to deliver fully competent apprentices.  It also means you get the guidance you need to help to understand the tests and are equipped to prepare your apprentices for the all-important end-point assessment.

Much of this is made more challenging due to the fact that some Standards now have no mandated qualification and judging candidate readiness is an even more multifaceted process.

By requesting a SIAS Service Offer Pack, you and your provider can get the ball rolling with us; this explains our services and how we can help to build in preparation for end-point assessment from the outset. Once we receive a request for service from your provider we can then work with you and your provider so that you can plan the journey that delivers the successful outcome that will prepare your learners for the job you want them to do in your company.

In the meantime, if you would like to understand more about the apprentice end-assessment process, we’d be delighted if you viewed our most recent webinar Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Apprentice End Assessment.

Link to webinar