Tracey Greener works as the workforce development manager at Northumbrian Water.

As part of her role, she makes sure apprentices at Northumbrian Water are prepared for their End-Point Assessment by working between training providers and the apprentice’s managers.

What are your thoughts about the introduction of End-Point Assessment (EPA)?

I really like the introduction of EPA. It has given me confidence as an employer that apprentices really do have the right knowledge and skills in their apprenticeship job.

As an employer, how educated were you about EPA since the apprenticeship reform in 2016?

I have a good understanding of EPA as I’ve worked with other EPA organisations in the past.

Did you have any concerns with EPA initially?

My only concern was whether my apprentice was prepared enough for their assessment. I was pleased with that we didn’t have any surprises in terms of meeting the EPA requirements.

How did you find EPA process for your apprentice?  

From a SIAS perspective, it was extremely slick and clear. The apprentices were prepared in advance and knew what to expect.

The Technical experts (Assessors) allocated to the apprentices were very clear and supportive for my apprentice throughout the whole assessment.

Has EPA confirmed your opinion that your apprentice is competent in their job?


Did SIAS help put you at ease with the EPA process?

Very much so. We had an introduction call once registering and another call to walk us through the EPA process from start to finish.

The SIAS team were very supportive.

How did you find the support from SIAS leading up to the Apprentice’s EPA?

Very good. I was sent all the correct documentation and was assigned a contact lead within the SIAS team.

How is EPA preparing students more for their future careers?

The students are tested to a high standard. The EPA process has helped our apprentices understand that the rigour is in place to allow them to demonstrate competence and for us as the employer to be assured about their skills on the job.

What advice would you give to students preparing for their EPA?

Make sure you find out about the EPA expectation as early on into your learning journey. Take ownership of what will be expected of yourself and discuss with your training provider how they will help prepare you for the EPA process.

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