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How We Work

Working with Science industry Employers

SIAS has been working with science industry employers since the introduction of apprenticeship reform in October 2013. As part of the Cogent Group with its close ties to the Science industry Partnership, SIAS is well placed to draw on the expertise of employers both from the Trailblazer group and from the wider science industry.  As a consequence, SIAS have been at the forefront of developing assessment services that deliver what employers are looking for from apprenticeship reform. We understand what is important to employers particularly when it comes to making judgements on the competence of their workforce.

We have listened to what employers have told us they value in an apprenticeship and how they would like the assessment tests to demonstrate the transferable skills of an apprentice. Employers have shared with us their operational constraints that our end assessment team will have to work with, so we are well prepared to make the assessment process run as smoothly as possible.

We have designed and tested the end assessment process in consultation with employers, so we are confident we can deliver an assessment service that works for the employer and the apprentice.

You can see the overview of the end point assessment process in resources

Working with Providers

At SIAS we recognise the importance of the provider in contributing to a successful and rewarding apprenticeship.  We value providers as the experts in delivering apprenticeship training. For this reason we have been working with partners to ensure provider readiness for implementing apprenticeship reform in the science industry. We welcome any enquiries from providers for advice on end point assessment.

Working with assessors and external assurers

As part of our commitment to science industry employers to deliver a quality assessment service we use the assessor standards that have been specified by Trailblazer employers. We hold a register of individuals that meet these rigorous Assessor and External Assurer Standards so employers and apprentices can be assured that the judgement made about the capability and competence of the apprentice is independent and valid.