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300,000 Starts On #Apprenticeship Standards! The Institute Celebrates A Year Of Successes

At the start of the 12th annual National Apprenticeship Week, the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education (the Institute) celebrates reaching 300,000 starts on standards - the latest milestone in a year of successes.

Provisional figures released by the Department for Education last week show that in December 2018, although the total number of apprenticeship starts are down overall, those that are underpinned by standards have seen an increase month-on-month this academic year. Compared with 2017/18 these latest results show starts on standards for this period are 68% higher. This means that each month more people start an apprenticeship on a standard compared to starting an apprenticeship on the old method of frameworks.

This latest release comes just days after the Institute announced the publication of its 400th standard – two months ahead of when they were scheduled to reach this number. This monumental milestone represents the success of the Institute’s ‘Faster and Better’ programme designed to approve standards more efficiently and effectively.

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