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Another New Apprenticeship Standard Approved: Science Industry Process/Plant Engineer Degree Apprenticeship

The Institute of Apprenticeships (IfA) has announced that another science industry Standard has now been approved – Science Industry Process/Plant engineer Degree Apprenticeship, joining the five STEM Standards already published.

It describes the job role that an apprentice will be doing and the skills required of them by the life sciences and industrial science sector.

A Science Industry Process/Plant Engineer will be involved in process design and manufacture of chemical, biological or science-based technology industrial or consumer products using solid, liquid and gaseous media.

They will apply their knowledge of underlying engineering principles to implement and develop new processes or plant and to support product development; and work autonomously and as part of a wider scientific & engineering team.

An apprenticeship Standard is only available for delivery when both the Standard and Assessment Plan is approved and a funding band (core government contribution) has been assigned to the Standard. 

The Assessment Plan will now be developed by Trailblazer employers supported by the Science Industry Partnership and Cogent, the skills body for the sector.

Typical job roles embraced by the Standard include: Process Engineer, Process Control Engineer, Process Safety Engineer, Chemical Engineer, Project Engineer, Biochemical Engineer, Plant Engineer, Maintenance Engineer.

The aim is for the standard to be ready for delivery by Autumn 2017; it will take about 60 months for the apprentice to complete.

SIAS, an independent assessment service for science industry apprenticeships, intends to offer end-point assessment for this Standard.

Under Government reforms, employer-designed Standards will eventually replace frameworks.

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