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BIS publishes Guidance for trailblazers

This new publication explains how to develop new apprenticeships in England, from bidding to develop a standard to preparing for the standard to be used.

Employers and partners working together to design the standards and assessment plans for apprenticeships is a key feature of the new system,  and it is designed to lead to apprenticeships that are higher quality and more relevant to industry.

The process has been underway since October 2013 when the first eight “Trailblazers” were launched, and now over 140 Trailblazers have been collectively delivered and 350 are in the process of being delivered.

The Government has stated: “whilst we have previously aimed for all new apprenticeship starts to be on standards  from 2017/18, as stated in the 2020 Vision, we think that the recent announcement of the apprenticeship levy warrants giving employers longer to consider which occupations they will require apprenticeships for, and  to develop high quality standards for these.   

“To allow for this, we envision a migration from apprenticeship frameworks to standards over the course of the Parliament, with as much of this to take place by 2017/18 as possible.  This timetable is still tight and  means that we are keen to receive bids to develop apprenticeships in relation to any occupations not yet  covered by standards that employers believe would address their skills needs  and could meet our criteria. “

SIAS is the new style body which is responsible for ensuring the assessments and testing for a number of these new style Apprenticeships are to the high standards required by the Government and industry. It designs and delivers the end point assessment tests which will lead to the national Apprenticeship award.

Employers and providers looking for advice on any of this, more understanding on end assessment or of Apprenticeship reform, can get in touch with SIAS via Christine Sakhardande on:

Tel: 01925 515207

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