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New IfA funding process explained

The Institute for Apprenticeships published a Q and A sheet on how funding is being assigned under the new band structure for apprenticeships. Funding will still be a two-step process: an initial funding band will be generated alongside the approval of the proposal, and then the IfA will make a final funding band recommendation alongside the approval of the assessment plan.

Funding explainer.

The DfE also recently set out its Strategic Guidance for the IFA. In a covering note to IFA Chief Executive Sir Gerry Berragan, Skills Minister Anne Milton said the report sets out the Government’s key priorities for this coming year in apprenticeships and technical education reform. “The Institute has played an essential role over the last year, which I expect to continue: maintaining and improving the quality of apprenticeships over time; accelerating approvals processes; and providing objective, independent advice to government on future funding provision for apprenticeship training. In 2018/19, you will be expanding your remit to include responsibility for technical education; taking on responsibilities as part of the T levels delivery.”