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SIAS helping you blaze a trail through Apprenticeship Reform

The new Trailblazers Apprenticeship Standards for the science industries have been designed by employers, for employers. 

They will replace the existing frameworks from 2017 – so it’s vital to get on board with the countdown to change.

The new Apprenticeship programmes which are underpinned by these Standards, are giving employers the confidence that their apprentice/s will develop the skills they need now and in the future.

The employers who formed the original Trailblazer Group to design the Standards, are already recognising the benefits of recruiting their new talent through this more flexible route.

The good news is that the Standards also attract a higher level of Government investment. And there’s more emphasis on the roles apprentices will be undertaking rather than prescribed qualifications.

One thing is clear in the new reform – it’s vital that all apprentices are assessed in a fair and objective manner. The all-important end point assessment comprises several methods, including, for example, completing mandatory knowledge qualifications, a portfolio of evidence, a professional discussion and a final “assessment of on the job performance.

SIAS is an independent body which has been set up with science employer support to run the assessments for the new Standards and ensure a robust and independent process.

We’re here to help, and so if you would like advice on any of this, or more understanding of Trailblazer Apprenticeship reform, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.