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Preparing The Apprentice For End Point Assessment

Unlike an NVQ, which many providers are very familiar with, the new standards do not mandate continual assessment. Rather the focus is on the apprentice demonstrating they are fully competent in their occupation through meeting the apprenticeship standard.

This happens at the end of the apprenticeship once they have completed their training. Training providers will need to consider how they are going to prepare the apprentice for end point assessment and build this into the apprentice's training plan. This should be discussed with the host employer as the end point assessment will take place in the workplace.

A number of elements need to be considered:

  • Behaviours evaluation against the behaviours assessment criteria, which can be found in resources.
  • Synoptic assessment test for level 3 standards
  • Workplace synoptic project presentation for higher level standards
  • Vocational competence discussion
  • Scenario case study

Assessment specifications for all the tests for each standard can be found in resources.

If you would like to find out more about how you can prepare the apprentice for end point assessment please contact SIAS.