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Professional Registration

Once the apprenticeship is over, the next stage of an apprentice’s professional life begins.

Professional registration with the Science Council recognises the knowledge, skills and experience that an apprentice has gained from their apprenticeship, to bring them on an equal footing with other professional scientists. It’s also an excellent way of demonstrating to employers that they are committed to standards of integrity and professional development, helping them stand out from the crowd and become a better scientist. 

The professional registers: Registered Science Technician (RSciTech), Registered Scientist (RSci) and Chartered Scientist (CSci) provide a framework for professional practice throughout a scientist’s career, so while an apprentice may choose to become a Registered Science Technician in their technical role, this could be a springboard to becoming a Registered Scientist and a Chartered Scientist. What is more, these registers are recognised throughout the science industry and stay valid no matter where they work as long as they commit to continuing professional development. 

“From doing my professional registration I hope to get a sense of recognition for what I do and what I love doing.”Emma Bennison, Research Technician at Newcastle University

Please speak to SIAS about integrating professional registration within your apprenticeship journey.

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