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Enrolling Your Apprentice With SIAS

Once the apprentice has been recruited at the start of the apprenticeship they must be enrolled with SIAS.

The employer will provide details of the apprentice and the estimated end date of the apprenticeship and they will arrange for the enrolment fee to be paid. SIAS will then issue the competence evaluation log and end assessment guide to the employer, preferably to their nominated SIAS registered assessor, who will be the main contact between SIAS and the employer. The employer may choose to ask their lead training provider to provide a SIAS registered assessor and may ask that all the information about end point assessment is sent to them.

During the apprentice's training, SIAS will be available to provide advice about end point assessment.  The End Assessment Guide contains everything you need to know about end point assessment and will be sent to you when your apprentice is enrolled. 

The Competence Evaluation Log (CEL) must be completed by the end of the apprentice’s training and before end point assessment can take place. Find out more about the CEL here.