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Planning For End Point Assessment

The employer will need to plan for the assessment day so that it fits in with the business operations.

They will need to consider which aspects of their job role the apprentice will be doing on the day of the test and whether they will meet the test specification. The SAT will only be conducted under simulated conditions in exceptional circumstances if there are specific operational reasons which have been discussed and agreed in advance with SIAS. 

The employer will need to consider how they will facilitate the end assessment day, including which SIAS registered assessor they will use. They will need to make arrangements to support the SIAS external assurer and provide an appropriate location for the Vocational Competence Discussion. Any local requirements such as security clearance for the external assurer must also be considered.

To help with planning the day, the employer must complete the End Assessment Schedule template, which SIAS will provide once the employer has requested an end point assessment.

The End Point Assessment Schedule

The End Point Assessment Schedule is prepared by the employer. This is because the Synoptic Assessment Test must take place at the apprentice’s workplace. SIAS needs to ensure that the tasks the apprentice will be performing during the SAT meet the assessment specification for a specific standard. In the schedule the employer will provide details to SIAS about:

  • when the assessment will take place
  • the duration of the Synoptic Assessment Test
  • all parties who will be involved in the assessment process
  • which variation of the Synoptic Assessment Test the apprentice will perform
  • any local arrangements that the SIAS external assurer needs to be made aware of
  • local confidentiality or disclosure agreements that SIAS must sign
  • the nominated contact who will liaise with the SIAS external assurer

The employer will submit the End Assessment Schedule to SIAS along with the final payment for assessment services. The end assessment schedule should be submitted at least 3 months before the planned test date.

The completed End Assessment Schedule will be reviewed by SIAS to check:

  1. The CEL will have been completed and signed off before the assessment day.
  2. The knowledge qualification will have been achieved before the assessment day.
  3. The planned activities for the SAT meet the assessment specification.
  4. The arrangements are adequate to allow independent assessment to take place.

SIAS will then liaise with the employer to agree a suitable date that fits with the external assurer’s availability schedule and the business operations.

Once the End Assessment Schedule has been agreed and the assessment date confirmed SIAS will issue the assessor pack to the external assurer, who will liaise with the SIAS registered assessor.  This assessor pack contains controlled documents, which must be managed in accordance with SIAS protocols.