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Supporting End Point Assessment

The employer’s role is to support end point assessment.

This starts with the planning of the assessment day and agreeing the end assessment schedule.  The employer must also nominate someone to be the SIAS registered assessor. SIAS registered assessors have to meet the assessor standards specified by the Trailblazer group. You can find out more about these in the Advice section of this site. 

The SIAS registered assessor should be familiar with the apprentice’s workplace and job role.

They will observe the apprentice during the SAT and may ask the apprentice to explain what they are doing and why. Using someone with an understanding of what the employer expects of the apprentice in performing their tasks helps to improve the robustness of the test.  At the same time the SIAS external assurer will be observing the whole process. At the end of the SAT both parties will discuss and will record what they have observed. They will consider whether the apprentice has met the assessment criteria.  The external assurer will decide whether the apprentice has passed the test. 

Employers are able to nominate individuals to be registered assessors at any time. The SIAS assessor register and the registration process are explained in the How We Work section of this site.