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Working With SIAS

SIAS wants to make the process of end point assessment as simple as possible for employers and their apprentices.

The apprentice must take the end assessment test in the workplace and so the employer needs to understand what this will involve so they can make the arrangements with minimum disruption to their business. 

There are 3 stages:

  • Enrolling your apprentice
  • Planning for end point assessment
  • Supporting end point assessment

There are 3 participants:

  • The apprentice
  • An assessor/technical expert (pre-registered with SIAS)
  • SIAS external assurer

There are 3 important documents:

  • End-Point Assessment Guide
  • Competence Evaluation Log
  • End-Point Assessment Schedule

The end-point assessment for level 2 and 3 standards will include an Assessment Day, which must be held at the apprentice’s workplace. During the Assessment Day, the apprentice will take part in the SAT (for level 3 standards) or Workplace Synoptic Project Presentation (for higher level standards) plus the Vocational Competence Discussion. A SIAS registered assessor/technical expert and a SIAS external assurer/independent assessor will be involved. The scenario case study may take place at another time during the end assessment period.

Throughout the apprenticeship, SIAS is available to provide advice and guidance to you or your training provider so that the end point assessment process runs smoothly and the apprentice is prepared for a successful outcome.

Confirming the apprenticeship award

The outcomes from the end point assessment will be reviewed and a grade conferred by SIAS in accordance with SIAS QA procedures, which are available from SIAS.  SIAS will notify the employer of the outcome of each of the assessment tests and will provide a feedback report for any failed elements.  


SIAS will apply for the apprentice's certificate.  The certificate will confirm that the apprentice has passed the end point assessment, has demonstrated full competency across the standard and is job-ready.

Further Information

For information about SIAS policies, quality assurance, re-sits, appeals and complaints please visit the Advice section of this site.

For general enquiries please contact SIAS Assessment Services Officer – 01925 515211.