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Spotlight on Laboratory Technician (Level 3)

Key points

  • Map your job role to the standard

  • Design a training plan to include all Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours (KSB) & Gateway qualifications

  • Prepare your apprentice for End Point Assessment (EPA)

  • Book the assessment date with SIAS

  • Sign off apprentices as ready for EPA

About SIAS and the Laboratory Technician Standard

SIAS has been delivering end-point assessment (EPA) since our first cohort completed in 2016. We have a wealth of experience in working with employers and providers to ensure the tests we run are of the highest quality, so industry can be assured that an apprentice who has passed a SIAS EPA has met the requirements to be deemed fully competent and is a worthy recipient of the apprenticeship award.

SIAS is the only end-point assessment organisation (EPAO) with this track record of delivering end-point assessment for laboratory technicians. 

We work very closely with employers to plan the assessment day especially the Synpotic Assessment Test (SAT). In this way, everyone knows exactly what needs to happen on the day.

Our team of independent end-point assessors have between them years of experience of working with industry with their apprentices. They make sure the apprentice has the best opportunity to demonstrate their competence.

SIAS has run EPA for laboratory technicians working in many settings including:

  • Chemical plants
  • Schools
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • R&D Labs
  • Universities
  • Analytical services
  • Consumer products manufacturing.

Over the past 3 year of delivering EPA we have learnt that the most important thing to ensure timely completion and a successful outcome is to Start with the End in Mind. To receive the link to our expert webinar contact Janice Snape.

Using the Laboratory Technician Standard and End-Point Assessment
The Laboratory Technician standard is a broad occupational standard that can be used for a range of job roles in many different contexts, all of which require the same core skills, knowledge and behaviours.

It is important to map the job role you have in mind to the apprenticeship standard.

The work-based learning guide can be help you to interpret the standard for a number of job roles that might map to this standard. So long as you make sure that all the core skills, knowledge and behaviours have been included, you can design a bespoke training plan to give your apprentice the skills they need to do the job in your organisation. 

Once you are happy that the apprentices are ready you can sign them off. The apprentice will pass through Gateway and can then take the end-point assessment.

What’s involved in Lab Tech EPA?

The SAT - a synoptic assessment test where the apprentice is observed performing their job in normal working conditions, no showcasing, no simulation, just doing the job they have been trained to do.

The VCD – a vocational competence discussion where the apprentice has a professional discussion with the SIAS independent assessor about their job and how they apply the skills, knowledge and behaviours they have acquired to be a competent laboratory technician in their organisation.

The SCS – a case study about a scenario in an unfamiliar setting that asks them to consider what is happening, why it might be happening and what they think needs to be done

SIAS offers a number of resources to help you prepare your apprentice for EPA. You will get these from SIAS at the start of their final year.

SIAS blog all about the tests

How to work with SIAS

On behalf of the employer, the lead provider must engage SIAS to deliver end-point assessment.

3 steps to registration

  • Request a service offer pack with price list
  • Submit the request for service form for your cohort of apprentices
  • Complete an enrolment form for each apprentice

Download SIAS Resources 

The host employer will receive

  • Guide to end-point assessment
  • Competence evaluation log
  • Competence tracker
  • Guide to competence evaluation and behaviours evaluation
  • SIAS PLAN and PREP guides
  • Mock tests
  • SIAS Examiners report
  • Registered Assessor induction

The lead provider will receive

  • End-point assessment technical guide
  • Lab technician planning for Gateway
  • SIAS PREP guides
  • Mock tests
  • SIAS Examiners report

SIAS also offers briefing events and telephone support for providers and employers to help

  • Arranging the EPA
  • Getting through Gateway

Download SIAS Working with Providers

Employers who chose us

Chemoxy International Limited
Covance Limited
Elanco (Eli Lilly)
Green Biologics Ltd
Merlin Powder Characterisation
Microbiological Solutions Ltd
Pfizer UK
Redx Pharma Ltd
SABIC UK Petrochemicals Ltd
Synergy Health
The Derby High School
University of Westminster
URENCO ChemPlants Ltd (UCP)
Vale Europe Ltd

Providers we work with

Derby College
East Kent College
Furness College
Halesowen College
Harrow College
Macclesfield College
TTE Training Ltd
University of Greenwich
York College
Kingston College
Loughborough College
TDR Training
University of Kent
University of Westminster

Success Stories

Ten apprentices from leading science-based companies, Lucite International and Pfizer, were the first to successfully complete the new employer-designed Apprenticeship Standards for Laboratory Technician at Level 3 (Pfizer) and Science Manufacturing Technician at Level 3 (Lucite). This followed their rigorous end-point assessment (EPA) by SIAS.

Full Story

Download the Lab Tech Standard

Download the Lab Tech Assessment Plan